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20pcs Tap and Die Set

20pcs Tap and Die Set

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Taps and dies are tools used to create screw threads in all kinds of metalwork projects. 'Tap' is used to cut or form a thread on the inside surface of a hole creating effectively a nut, whilst a 'die' is used to cut or form matching bolts. 

Material: Zinc alloy steel

Tap: M3X0.5,M4X0.7,M5X0.8,M6X1.0,M7X1.0,M8X1.25,M9X1.25,M10X1.5,M12X1.75
Round die: M3X0.5,M4X0.7,M5X0.8,M6X1.0,M7X1.0,M8X1.25,M9X1.25,M10X1.5,M12X1.75
Round die frame: M25
Tap hinge: M3-M12

Includes a storage case

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