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EVE Instant Honeyed Ginger Drink with Lemon (10s/20s)

EVE Instant Honeyed Ginger Drink with Lemon (10s/20s)

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Eves Instant Honeyed Ginger Tea with Lemon comes is a refreshing tea for all seasons.
It may be enjoyed hot or ice cold. Ginger has been used in the East and the West for centuries, both for its therapeutic properties and for its richness in flavour.

Ginger assists in enhancing the absorption of food and eases indigestion, it alleviates general nausea and motion sickness, it soothes the symptoms associated with colds and flu, and it assists in stimulating the immune system.

This Ginger tea is caffeine free and contains no preservatives and is available in a pack of 10 or 20 satchets

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